I started playing piano when I was four; noodling around on my sister’s grand piano.

My parents, out of self-defense, I think, put me in piano lessons at age five and I took steadily for the next 12 years.  I accompanied the high school choir, had a band which played at fashion shows, ladies’ teas, etc. Since I was a natural singer, I just always seemed to be accompanying myself or someone around me.

My first work as a singer was in service – I sang duets with my sister when I was 9. Singing in church was just something that I did, like breathing, for 30 years.  I
became Church Director of Music 25 years ago, and kept that work until recently. During that time I did a lot of musical arranging to fit limited ranges into larger music.  I also learned to play bass and acoustic guitars, dulcimers, accordions and the organ – poorly – I can see why they call it “the king of instruments”!

I went back to college, UT Arlington, as a single mother of two sons.  Music was the natural degree for me, of course, and I graduated with a 3.9 in my major, while working four part time jobs to support us.  My boys never went into daycare during that time, I’m happy to say, but they did go to many, many college classes while they were 4-8.  My professors knew my boys by first names, and when I graduated in 1999, my lads thought we should, all three of us, ‘walk across the stage’.

While working my last gig for 12 years as a Director of Music at a medium sized Episcopal Church, I also found work after graduation in the school system as a choir director of high school and junior high choirs. I have always been a student of the art of teaching, and was always giving private lessons to my students in piano or voice; they needed it and I wanted to do it.  I found myself working 70-85 hours a week.  Finally, after thirteen years, I started my own studio.

Everything I have done professionally has been leading up to this studio, though I didn’t know it.  To have Time is such a blessing!  Time with one student, to connect with each person , time to contemplate how they learn, time to customize the lessons,  time to evaluate their learning,  time to study teaching, even time to practice my piano – time is priceless!