How We Got Started 

In 1999, an experiment was conducted using music, scarves and 4th graders. The first day, we assembled as the children stood with scarves in-hand. We played WA Mozart’s Overture to The Marriage of Figaro.  The scarves fluttered as the children began to feel the music.  They danced, they leaped and pirouetted, waving the scarves in the air to the music. It was simply glorious to watch!

The next day, we put on a popular hip-hop tune and gave the children the same scarves.

Nothing happened.  They just stood there, and finally began to jump up and down in place. They did not let their scarves fly.

Granted, hip-hop is not Mozart.  But this experiment showed that there is an enormous difference to human beings between music that stimulates the soul and music that only stimulates the body.  The fascinating effect that music has on humans has continued to intrigue and inspire us.

Our mission at Wisdom Music is to encourage creativity and musical exploration, giving developing musicians the opportunity to engage in the finest music in the world, thereby refreshing the body, developing the mind and enlivening the Spirit.